When it is spoken of Made in Italy it refers exclusively to Italian products, where the the keyword is QUALITY.

Made in Italy, in fact, has always been the most requested brand in various sectors, both directly in Italy and abroad. International trade and the import-export relationship represent a significant part of global economic activity, in which Italy also participates.

From this it follows that many Italian products are exported abroad, as there are many sectors in which Made in Italy is undoubtedly the most requested brand. This gives visibility to Italy and places it in a prominent position in the global economic landscape.

Italy has been exporting a wide variety of products for a long time, mainly in sectors such as mechanics, fashion, food, construction and furniture. What makes Italian companies unique is the fact of receiving requests for products that are not only industrial but also customized.

The strength of Made in Italy is undoubtedly the production process, accurate and careful, which lies behind the creation of the single product, accompanied by other qualities that justify the request of Italian products abroad:

  • the creativity
  • style
  • the quality of the materials
  • innovation.

Elettrotec embodies the essence of all these values ​​having made quality, improvement and innovation its own vocation.

Facing new challenges in search of new products or new applications in unexplored sectors is a vocation of Elettrotec, which has taken these values ​​out of the Italian borders.

The strength of Elettrotec, in the words of Adriana Sartor, Sole Administrator of the Company: “We are second to none, we only have different characteristics”.



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