Elettrotec is a manufacturing company that has always been careful to offer quality products on the market, starting from strictly Made in Italy components.

Elettrotec has made a choice of seriousness, ensuring responsibility in every moment of its work, believing that this is the field of New Competition. An ethical choice that the company has considered to be a more fertile ground than the mere price competition which inevitably leads to a worsening of customer service.

Innovate means believing in the company, in the product and service provided, proposing innovations that are not exclusively products, but can also involve processes and solutions not yet available on the market.

Today the identity of Elettrotec is stronger than ever with the choice of cutting-edge technology applied to all of its pressure switches and vacuum switches which, since 2014, have been marked with a QR code in order to protect all its customers from possible fake products that are frequently found on the market.

The QR, the well known smart square, is marked indelibly on the surface of each production lot. The end user, photographing the QR code with a smart phone and using a simple app, can display a serial number that corresponds to the production lot. Thanks to the serial number it is possible to trace all the productive information of each lot at any time. This allows the traceability of the same and the possibility for the after-sales service of Elettrotec to intervene quickly with possible operations concerning the manufacture or the operation of their individual products.

Buying an Elettrotec product means buying Research, Innovation, High Standards, Transparency, Trust in the company’s work, that is all Italian. It is therefore a choice of quality and responsibility that is projected into the future.



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