These devices have improved the diagnosis elaboration in the treatment of some illnesses, particularly for infective diseases. The devices have, a high effective rate, are sustainable and are highly technological.  The predicted growth is of 4.6% between 2017 and 2025, up to achieving the goal of 563.886 million dollars in that year.

The market is subdivided on the basis of: type of device, final user and destination.

In reference to the technological innovation sector, the following is noted:

  • App for depressed illnesses, through which the patient may be in constant contact with the doctor;
  • Portable X ray device and kit for blood analysis, that can even be performed while at home;
  • Devices of monitoring and helping patients with Parkinson disease;
  • Digital therapy in the scope of curing insomnia;
  • Community online medical counseling;
  • Patient online access to medical information thanks to blockchain information decentralization.

In respect to sector innovations, Elettrotec is always up with the time offering very high quality standards combined with avant-garde control devices also widely used in the medical field.


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