Made in Italy, in the Naval field, is very appealing to the leader country of this sector: the US.

Reference to Italian excellence, regards the naval production of the defense shipyard in Liguria. Fremm class frigates appear to be the best product that catches the eye of Americans searching for a new type of vessel. The frigate Alpino, navigated by captain De Pozzo, was on a promotional training mission at Norfolk in the US.  In fact, one of its goals, was to permit members of Congress and US Navy to become acquainted with Italian technological excellence.  The excellent technical devices and qualified crew, are defined by De Pozzo as being “a sentiment of true pride”

Another example of excellence in the Italian Naval sector is represented in the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) program given to Fincantieri Marinette Marine (FMM) and Lockheed Martin in 2010 for the construction of multifunctional ships for the US Navy, destinated for “coastal surveillance and defense” missions. Thanks to this ongoing project, the European naval sector is destined to become ever more competitive at an international level.

In regards to the most appropriate materials for the construction of ships, recreational boats and yachts; functionality and esthetics are two fundamental elements for their realization. For external use, stainless steel AISI316 and “marine plywood” are the most indicated materials.


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