According to data from Ismea (Service institute for Agricultural food Market), in the first months of 2017 the balance of trade with the US sees a surplus growth of 24 million euro, thanks to an export increase (+4.2%) and a small loss in imports (-0.3%).

The US market confirms to be the third largest importer of Italian agricultural food products (10% of the total made in Italy exports), following Germany in first place with 17.5% and France with 10.9%. In 2016 the total surplus was of 2.9 million euro, a +350 million in respects to 2015.  In the first two months of 2017 the trade balance of Italian agricultural products with other countries felt a deficit, however; on the other hand, the stars and stripe market held strong.

Within the most relevant sectors of Italian agricultural exports towards the US lies the wine and must products that represent 35% of the total  2016 exports, followed by oil and fats (14%) and  cereal and rice derivatives (12%).  The sum of all three of these sectors cover over 60% of the total exports towards the US.



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