“Also in innovation you need effective ideas that have a destination market – Adriana Sartor says -. Our products are developed starting from specific requirements submitted by customers and collaboration between our respective technical departments.

In the past, it was more difficult, because we acted behind the screen of a sales network with agents and distributors; today, we are the leading actors, we know the market and its needs”. During experimentation and testing, it may happen that a product does not meet the specified requirements exactly. “In this case, I ask my engineers to go and see the application in person, to find out how the product has been implemented and what did not work, in order to identify a solution”, Adriana Sartor adds. Then, once the product has been developed, the markets needs time to understand the innovation. “It took years for some products before they were understood by the market, you should always take this option into account when you promote product innovation and culture”, Adriana Sartor continues.

Elettrotec is company specialized in the design and production of fluid control instruments which has always developed reliable and quality products to submit to its customers wide-ranging solutions on the global market, supported by clear goals, strong enthusiasm and optimism.


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