“In times like these, it is essential to consider the product as a cultural asset – says Adriana Sartor, sole administrator of Elettrotec – Italy’s competence and many excellences must be properly organized and presented with new approaches”. Adriana Sartor is involved in a lot of initiatives related to the internationalization of businesses and the leitmotif that she promote is inspiring the activity of companies and their relationships. According to Adriana Sartor, develop a product culture for a company mainly means investing massively in innovation and research. “A cornerstone of our company is the central role of the technical department and the capacity to make research, even advanced research”. With this approach, in recent years Elettrotec has launched major new products, such as the new pressure switch PHP.

Elettrotec is company specialized in the design and production of fluid control instruments which has always developed reliable and quality products to submit to its customers wide-ranging solutions on the global market, supported by clear goals, strong enthusiasm and optimism.


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