Leonardo da Vinci

The year 2019 marks the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci and Milan,  the city where he spent arguably his most creative and dynamic years, will pay tribute to his genius with an interesting event.

In the Sala Convegni at Palazzo Reale, Flavio Caroli will hold the Lectio Magistralis  “Leonardo 500”. Flavio Caroli is a  writer, art historian, curator, critic and Professor of Modern Art History at Politecnico and Università degli Studi in Milan. Since 1997, he has been in charge of the exhibitions at Palazzo Reale in Milan for which he has personally supervised some exhibitions.  In the course of his career he has devoted his studies to the introspective line of European Art, with many publications, including “Leonardo. Studi di fisiognomica (1991)”.

Also Filippo del Corno, Councillor for Culture on the Milano town council, Daniela Mainini, President of Centro Studi Grande Milano and Domenico Piraina, Director of Palazzo Reale will take part to the conference.

Elettrotec is partner of the event: the company, in constant search for innovative solutions, draws inspiration from Leonardo. “500 years later, in a country like Italy that needs to revive passion and ingenuity, Leonardo is still a key reference for all of us”, said Adriana Sartor, sole manager of Elettrotec. “His inventions still amaze the entire world and represent the progress of our society. Elettrotec has acquired Leonardo’s interpretation of life, translating it into the design and construction of our products, with creativity, professionalism and passion”.


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