At the last sector fairs, Elettrotec presented its latest novelty: the PHP pressure switch, with excellent performance and excellent application possibilities.

This confirms the importance of quality and innovation for Elettrotec.

The processes leading to innovation can be different for a company like Elettrotec:

  • the request of a customer who needs a product customized to his needs
  • the imagination which anticipates a future need, that is to say the ability to anticipate an answer.

In both cases it is not easy to navigate among possible solutions, some which sound fascinating or innovative and others which seem to work because they are not so far from past practice.

The dilemma is strong: on the one hand, experience and habit facilitate us, they help us without having to reinvent everything every time. On the other hand, the cognitive awareness that the solutions we need in an increasingly complex and demanding world require unprecedented and broader points of view, if we want to have a distinctive character which makes us emerge as innovative and efficient problem solvers.

It is the challenge that Elettrotec has chosen to take up and which stimulates this Company to grow and innovate continuously, thanks to its determination and its internal research center.

The basic choice is to look from different points of view, to learn to accept also new challenges which can lead to innovative solutions, even without an initial guarantee of short-term success. But only those who love challenges can go further, achieve results thanks to dedication and exceptional motivation, give value to their work and bring culture to their field of reference.

The philosophy of those who want to make the difference is to develop the imagination through observation, research and experimentation, all of which Elettrotec does every day.


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