The awards where given during the Annual Event Foundation that gathers 4,000 Italian scientists in North America, which in 2018 celebrated its 10th year anniversary awarding : Lorenzo Brunetti, for research in the field of leuchemia (the Paola Campese Award); Roberta Zappasodi, for research in medicine, biosciences and cognitive science (the IBM -Bio4Dreams Award); Riccardo Manenti for math and physics (the Anna Maria Molteni Award); Antonio D’Amore for Engineering (the Franco Strazzabosco Award); Sara Buson for the ISSNAF Award for young investigators in environmental science, astrophysics and chemistry. The Life Achievement Award was given the day before to the roman neuroscientist Emilio Bizzi, an MIT professor and researcher.

Elettrotec has always given a great importance to development and research and believe these to be essential strategic factors in the company. All the steps taken during the design and testing procedures are exclusively held within the company itself and follow strict regulations  laid down by the Systems Quality UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008.

This scrupulous care has brought on the decision to have an adequate laboratory within the R&S which allows the use of only specifically owned Elettrotec devices.


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