The “Green” technology is a commonly known today as sustainable technology, that is able to take into account the long and short-term impact that an invention has on the environment.

“Green” products are environmentally friendly inventions that often relate to energy efficiency, recycling, safety and health issues, renewable resources and more.

Elettrotec is very sensitive to the issue of sustainability, and is moving decisively to adapt to this important epochal change.

The present expectation is that this field will bring innovation and changes in daily life of similar magnitude to the “information technology” explosion over the last two decades.

There are several objectives concerning this transformation:

  • Sustainability – meeting the needs of society without damaging or depleting natural resources. That is, meeting current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.
  • “Cradle to cradle” design – ending the “cradle to grave” cycle of manufactured products, by creating products that can be fully reclaimed or re-used.
  • Source reduction – use production and consumption systems that reduce waste and pollution.
  • Innovation – Development of alternative solutions to traditional technologies (use of fossil fuels or chemical-intensive agriculture) that have proven to damage health and the environment.
  • Viability – creating a center of economic activity around technologies and products that benefit the environment, speeding their implementation and creating new careers that truly protect the planet.

Elettrotec is investing a lot in resources, in research and development and in corporate structural transformations, aware that clean technologies are a good deal. It is indeed a fast growing market with increasing profits. In addition, green inventions can reduce energy bills and products are safer.



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