Latest consumers’ behaviours show a raising need of carry on-snacks that can be consumed throughout the day; as most of these products generally come with plastic sachets or other packaging, food and beverage suppliers have had to innovate their manufacturing practices to create a greener packaging for a wide range of products.

Sustainable packaging, immediately reusable or easily recyclable, is trying to reach major efficiency, both ecological and economical. There are some exceptions where process sustainability starts from supply and gets up to the production, reaches the transport and to the final recycling of the products.

Using sustainable packaging will increase the productivity of those companies specialized in the field. Cleaner packaging production processes mean fewer downtime or maintenance delays, and, at the same time, it implies avoiding the use of plastics and other chemical components, improving the employees’ health. Switching to a green production will surely be positive for the relationship with the customers, as they will reward the ethical choice of the company that fights against climate changes.

With its experience in this market segment, through the know how of its technicians, Elettrotec is one of the major consultants in the application solutions for this sector.

Elettrotec has always paid attention to the new trends of packaging market, as well as the new technogies for sustainable production.

Since 2014 developing the new MPS, Elettrotec has introduced on the Market a sustainable product which compared to the other pressure switches has reduced drastically the energy dissipation, due to materials and solutions applied to make it.

Elettrotec, always Market driver with its customized solutions.



Elettrotec only uses sustainable components;
• Elettrotec uses the highest technology to obtain the best quality;
MPS patented modularity lowers product and warehousing costs.

That’s why Elettrotec’s Customers have decided to get the best in class pressure switches on the Market.

The new generation of miniature mechanical pressure switches, MPS, has a revolutionary working concept. The new MPS is a modular product!

The modular concept allows various permutations of standard products by using Elettrotec’s extremely simple exchange design, quickly satisfying your Customers’ needs.  Maximize customer satisfaction while reducing inventory costs!

The MPS technical features and modularity of design make it ideal for Distributor sales.   The Distributor can buy the standard base modules and easily add the most popular standard electrical connections (Deutsch, DIN, Fast-on, M12).

On request it is possible to satisfy every Customer’s electrical connection demand, dramatically increasing the flexibility in use while allowing a Distributor to keep more product choices in inventory without increasing inventory costs!

The MPS family of modular pressure switches offer high performance in terms of supported current (7 Amp resistive at 24V-48V or 240V independently).

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