“We know the Truth, not only with reason but also with the heart”, Blaise Pascal in ‘Le pensée (1654)’.

This is the aphorism of the French philosopher Blaise Pascal, to which Angelo Colombo, General Manager of Elettrotec, referred to give an interpretation to the success of Elettrotec, that has become a reference company when it comes to the quality of the fluid control equipment sector, which has established its own sector also in international markets, dealing with industry leaders.

In the Italian scientific history we find geniuses such as Leonardo, Galileo, Torricelli, Pascal. They were not only mathematicians, physicist or painters. They were deep explorers of the human mind and, just observing, they had come to formulate theorems and principles still valid and surprising in their evidence.

A careful observation that, through particularly efficient deductions, has brought outstanding minds with subtle acumen to the knowledge and explanation of the dynamics of functioning both of human behavior and of physical, chemical or mechanical phenomena.

At the base of all a great desire for knowledge and passion that has contributed to create our culture. An important past that Elettrotec has in its DNA, recognizing itself with the same desire to investigate still unexplored sectors, to find new products and new applications.

This is the spirit of the Elettrotec team, a strong and cohesive team, which is able to offer to its customers packages of new products, always more performing and more adaptable to the needs of new applications.

An enthusiasm that comes, day after day, from relationships with suppliers helping to outline new opportunities and alternative products.



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