Especially in this market segment, Elettrotec has always offered its customers a wide range of solutions through the development of high quality and cutting-edge products.

Exports of food and beverages Made in Italy to the United States are mainly directed towards the states to the East and to the West, in California. The first three states that absorb 60% of Italian exports are: New Jersey, New York and California. The potential growth of Italian agricultural exports is quite substantial. The top 10 importers include the eastern coastal states plus California, Florida and Texas.

Last year the total imports of the first 10 states were close to 3.4 billion of dollars; followed by Washington at 88 million euros, Georgia at 66 million and Connecticut at 3 million.

This confirms that the Italian consumption of food and beverages in the United States remains highly concentrated among coastal states, leaving ample room for the potential growth of highly regarded Italian products into the rest of the market.

From various economic reports in this sector, we can deduce that about 80% of imported Italian products have already permeated normal consumer behavior. Over 10% of consumers can be considered consumers loyal to Italian brands; these customers are willing to spend more to buy a Made in Italy product.


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