Elettrotec welcomes Alpine troops 


Great success in Milan for the gathering of the National Alpini Association celebrating the centenary of the famous mountain warfare infantry corps of the Italian army. Thousands of alpine troops and veterans, many with their families, crowded the city.

The Alpini were a decidedly military outfit, established in 1872 to protect the new Italian state from its enemies to the north. Their baptism of fire came during the first world war, fighting the Austro-Hungarians high in the Dolomites. Conditions were terrible: avalanches and frostbite were a constant threat. Despite this, the Alpini notched up some impressive wins. They also fought courageously in the second world war, distinguishing themselves in battles from Ethiopia to the Russian steppe.

An important testimony of the Great War is the book “La guerra di Primo. Memorie di un fante contadino“. This book was published after the discovery, in Busta di Montebelluna, of the war notebooks written by Primo Sartor, Adriana Sartor‘s grandfather; the reading of this book is useful to look the war through his eyes and his principles and values.


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