Elettrotec has always had a soul very attached to the earth. In fact, there is one aspect of the company’s work which is very linked to agriculture and the possibilities that this world offers.

This is why the company took part in EIMA, the International Agricultural and Gardening Machinery Exhibition held in Bologna from 7 to 11 November 2018 (at the same time also in Shanghai, at PTC Asia, International Trade Fair for Power Transmission and Control, 6-9 November).

A noteworthy commitment by Elettrotec which wanted to be present also in Italy for Italian customers, ready to satisfy any request coming from the domestic market.

During this double engagement, the company presented its latest novelty in both events: the PHP pressure switch, a pressure switch with exceptional performances, the only one in the world to reach 200° C for steam control, characteristic which makes it very suitable for different sectors:

  • electromedical
  • agribusiness
  • for all those applications which use temperatures above the 100-120° C standard.

In the words of Adriana Sartor, Sole Administrator of Elettrotec, “The market at the moment is a seemingly quiet but actually very lively market, as a result of the progressive establishment of Industry 4.0, in which Elettrotec identifies itself very much“.

The company is in a phase of transformation which is leading it to make a big leap in quality as far as the manufacturing part is concerned. In fact, thanks to its internal research laboratory, it is working hard to follow the transformations induced by Industry 4.0.

The market today is a harbinger of great innovations and major changes concerning products but also the most advanced technologies. Let’s not forget that we are Italians and possess the pleasure and ingenuity of doing. It is not for nothing that we are recognized in the world as a people of inventors, an aspect that can only do us credit” (Adriana Sartor).



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