Green packaging is a great insentive for products that deal with the well being and personal care, to the point that the packaging in itself is a captivating selling ingredient.

This year, as never before, there has been a goal to link clients to brands due to ecological packaging characteristics. This is extremely evidente in health foods and beverages where along with clean labels and clean processing there must be clean packaging. In the study EcoFocus  Trend 2018 conducted by EcoFocus Worldwide, 67% of American consumers believe that the retailer should choose the products to be placed on the shelves based on how ecological is the  packaging. Therfore, industries and distributors should consider packaging as a top ingredient of the product because shoppers are evermore looking at the product as a whole, which includes packaging. They also do not accept any compromise in terms of freshness and preserving the nutritive values.

71% of Americans believe that all health foods should be packaged using green packaging. Furthermore, 61% is convinced that the packaging should be made of recycled materials.

A good 76% of health beverage buyers consider it a priority that the beverage substains no alteration in terms of taste, due to the packaging. Almost 1 out of 2 give aluminum and plastic packaging a thumbs down.


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