Innovation and product quality, orientation to the real needs of the customer, strong know-how and organization are the bases allowing Elettrotec to establish itself as a leader in the industrial production of equipment for fluid control.

Research on materials and customization are the factors on which it has aimed, to achieve this goal, to consolidate and maintain it over time.

The American market is a consolidated one which offers great possibilities for growth and a technological level which can be a driving force for all the industries wishing to invest. And that’s why Elettrotec chose it.

“Today it is not enough to sell, it is not enough to make a good product, it is not enough to deliver a good service; we must also be present on the territory, this means not to pollute, to take care of people who work and of the social aspect, because in a world where welfare is now a consolidated fact we will not go back any longer, we will all tend to live better “(Adriana Sartor, Sole Director of Elettrotec).

Being present means making the difference, knowing how to bring one’s own quality, which for Elettrotec means getting more and more in detail, where the materials give their best and their technological know-how represents an important distinctive element.

Research and experimentation are at the basis of problem solving, an attention representing a key factor for the company, which brings added value to the entire market.

High performance, quality coefficients at the top of the industry and product differentiation capabilities, allow Elettrotec to be a point of reference and a partner of excellence in various industry sectors.

The result is a constant commitment by the company to face ever-new challenges and changes, by minimizing or, if possible, by eliminating risks and turning them into opportunities, in order to achieve more and more ambitious goals.


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